Frequently Asked Questions

    What types of inspections do you offer for residential properties?
    Our Residential Inspections cover a thorough assessment of your property’s condition to ensure safety and compliance.

    Are you a reliable home inspector for commercial properties as well?
    Yes, we are experienced in providing Commercial Inspections, helping businesses make informed real estate decisions.

    Can you perform pool and spa inspections?
    Absolutely! Our Pool and Spa Inspections ensure that your water features meet safety standards and are in good condition.

    Do you offer wood-destroying insect inspections?
    Yes, we conduct thorough inspections for Wood-Destroying Insects, protecting your property from potential damage.

    Are you experts in inspecting aerobic septic systems?
    Yes, we are well-versed in Aerobic Septic Systems inspections, ensuring proper functioning and compliance.

    What additional services do you provide besides the listed inspections?
    In addition to the mentioned services, we offer a range of Additional Services to meet various inspection needs.

    How can I schedule a home inspection service?
    To schedule a Home Inspection service, call us at (817) 894-1489, and we’ll arrange a convenient appointment.

    Can I trust your company for termite inspections?
    Yes, we specialize in Termite Inspections, helping you safeguard your property from termite-related issues.

    Can I request a pool inspection separately or is it included in the home inspection?
    You can request a Pool Inspection separately or opt for it as an additional service during a Home Inspection.

    How can I reach your home inspector for further inquiries?
    For further inquiries or to schedule an inspection, call our Home Inspector at (817) 894-1489.

    Are your inspection services available for both mobile and desktop users?
    Yes, our inspection services are accessible on both mobile and desktop platforms for your convenience.

    Our Full Range of Services

    Request a thorough home inspection today, to make sure that everything is in order with your future home.

    Residential Inspections

    A commercial building should be inspected to verify all components' functioning and the structure's stability.

    Commercial Inspection

    Before buying your dream home, we recommend that you pay close attention to the pool components.

    Pool and Spa

    Whether you are buying a home or have noticed termite signs on your property, request a pest inspection.

    Wood-Destroying Insects

    At House to Home Inspections & More, we have everything to do a complete aerobic septic system inspection.

    Aerobic Septic Systems

    We offer a wide variety of inspections designed to meet our customers’ needs and answer their questions

    Additional Services