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Living in Joshua, TX, offers unique challenges and opportunities for homeowners. Whether you’re eyeing a new purchase, selling your property, or ensuring your home’s longevity, House to Home Inspections & More is your go-to. Our certified home inspector dives deep into your property’s structure, systems, and aesthetics, from foundation to roof, including specialized services like pool, termite, and aerobic septic system inspections. Our thorough approach uncovers hidden issues, ensuring your home is safe, functional, and investment-worthy. Remember, we’re here to help 24/7, just contact us!

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We bring expertise and precision to every inspection, offering detailed reports that empower you to make informed decisions. With the latest technology and a keen eye for detail, we cover all bases—interior, exterior, and everything in between. Our services are designed to provide peace of mind, whether you’re securing your family’s health or optimizing your investment in Joshua, TX’s dynamic real estate market.

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Reliable Home Inspection Services

From termite invasions to roof wear and tear, our comprehensive suite of services addresses Joshua, TX’s specific home maintenance needs. We ensure that your pool is summer-ready, your building structure is sound, and your septic system operates flawlessly. Trust House to Home Inspections & More to safeguard your home against the unforeseen, preserving its value and comfort. Book an appointment with a reliable home inspector and ensure your peace of mind today.

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Request a thorough home inspection today, to make sure that everything is in order with your future home.

Residential Inspections

A commercial building should be inspected to verify all components' functioning and the structure's stability.

Commercial Inspection

Before buying your dream home, we recommend that you pay close attention to the pool components.

Pool and Spa

Whether you are buying a home or have noticed termite signs on your property, request a pest inspection.

Wood-Destroying Insects

At House to Home Inspections & More, we have everything to do a complete aerobic septic system inspection.

Aerobic Septic Systems

We offer a wide variety of inspections designed to meet our customers’ needs and answer their questions

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